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Linksys Support

PCMCIA EthernetCard (EC2T)

• Fully IEEE 802.3 standard-complaint
• Blazing 10 megabits per second data transfer rate
• Automatically senses media type and polarity
• 16KB ring buffer to enhance data transfer rate
• Sturdy, locking media coupler with both 10BaseT and thin coax ports on board

Support Sections

FAQs are frequently asked product questions. Select Downloads for user guides and firmware updates.

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    Frequently Asked Questions for various Operating Systems

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  • Forums

    • EtherFast 10/100

      When you installed the Drivers for the adapter on your computer, check if the drivers are installed perfectly on your computer....

    • LNE100TX not detected

      well...if the light are lit on the adapter and it shows it has a cable connected .. i don't think there...

    • Download speed cut in half with linksys router

      Yes, on your BEF the WAN (Internet) port is 10 Mbps, but the numbered (LAN) ports are 10/100 ports.  This allows you...

    • Connecting to Linksys router with a network card

      Your 10 Base-T card should have an RJ-45 (ethernet) port attached directly to the 10 Base-T card, or the 10 Base-T card...

    • Firewall for BEFSR41 Ver 4

      You may try to change the link speed in the device driver of your network card (on the advanced tab, the entry which you...

    • Full duplex

      Usually all network cards are configured automatically. All newer network cards should run just fine in full duplex ...

    • Sharing Printer

      Yes, thank you. With some discomfort, I disabled windows xp firewall and McAaffe on both computers. I found the printer,...

    • DHCP assigning IP address

      I didn't get what option you want. I'd suggest, you log in to your printer, assign the IP address and that's it. No need...

    • Static IP questions

      If you have devices that you can't mess with the IP config on (such as Company laptop) or devices that visit occasionally,...

    • Firewall to router Nat

      If you connect a second outer through a LAN port to another (main) router the NAT settings is actually irrelevant. I don't...

    • Internet ip address is internal modem address

      As I wrote before: the FritzBox works like a router. Why don't you use the FritzBox as your main router?If you switch the...

    • Adding new computer to existing network

      You have to be on the same workgroup.You have to turn on Network Discovery and file sharing in your new computer.

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  • Downloads

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