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Adaptateur USB Sans Fil-N Double Bande (AE2500)

• Sans Fil-N pour des performances et une portée optimales.
• Haut débit (300 Mbps) pour des transferts sans fil haute vitesse.
• Portée supérieure grâce à la technologie multi-antennes (MIMO).
• Double bande pour éviter les interférences et optimiser le débit.

Garantie Limitée et Offres d'Assistance  

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    • Guest access won't prompt password dialogue

      Hello All: For weeks guest access to my E3000 worked fine. Today I have a friend come over, his XP connects to the...

    • How to select 5GHz band for AE1000?

      Always have 2 different SSID's. Example. HomeNetwork HomeNetwork5G Always conflicts when you name them the same as you are...

    • E3000 Changing guest network name

      When I first configured the E3000 I called the device CiscoRouter, and I had:a) CiscoRouterb) CiscoRouter-guest I then...

    • AE1000 disconnects from system

      I recently purchased two of these units. One used with a quad core AMD rig and another with a single core AMD rig. Both...

    • Cisco Connect Software Download

       I just purchased the E3000. I am trying to set up my laptop with Cisco Connect software but my CD seems to be broken...

    • AE1000 Installation Trouble in Win7 32-bit Professional

      Seemed to be a BIOs issue. I built this comp in March 2010, but the BIOs was evidently a little older than the adapter.Everything's...

    • Win XP AE2500 startup

      That's it. Wireless Zero Configuration - services - Startup type - Automatic. Thank you, Rose underneath the blue sky. we...

    • AE2500 disconnects

      Hello, i am using a Linksys AE2500 and it will randomly disconnect. the bar icon on the bottom right shows a yellow icon...

    • AE2500

      You are able to install this adapter on older machine that means the adapter is working.Open the Device manager on Lenovo...

    • AE2500

      I just installed a new router E3200.... now to install compatible USB adapter (AE2500)..... problems. The error is that...

    • Linksys AE1000 poor driver support for Windows 7 WHY?

      KoRnGtL15 wrote:Sooner or later? I doubt its going to happen. The new AE2500 dual band adapter is out now. New drivers will...

    • E4200 Please help me get to 5Ghz

      The Linksys AE2500 usb wireless adapter supports 5Ghz. That is the latest model. So does the AE1000 but that is the older...

    • AE2500

      Hi. why don't you check out the AE2500 FAQs, click here. If the adapter work with another computer then the adapter is working....

    • Port forwarding questions

      Finally figured out that it is an issue with the ports being blocked from my workplace, which is where I was trying to connect...

    • Block specific external ip address

      Not possible.1. Unless you forward a port the server can't be accessed anyway.2. If you forward a port to the server set...

    • Auto DHCP and Static IP together

      Definitely! That's the usual practice, if you have devices that needs port forwarding you set static IP address on it. Just...

    • File sharing with AVG 8.5 FW doesn't work

      I had a similar problem, and it turned out to be because I didn't create a new profile in the Firewall in AVG 8.5 Internet...

    • VPN connection Problem

      The port forwarding is under the Applications Gaming then Port Range Forward. The application filed can be anything you...

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